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Public Relations Intern

Public Relations Intern 

Remote Position - College Credit

Time Commitment: 6-9 Month | 6-10 hours/week (Seasonal/Temporary) Flexible schedule based on school requirements.

General Description:

The Seasonal Public Relations Intern will work closely with the Marketing team to monitor all forms of media and maintain the overall brand of Digital4Good. The intern who fills this position should expect to complete the tasks of a PR specialist and gain the skills necessary to enter any public relations firm. Following the completion of the 6-month internship term, the Seasonal Public Relations Intern will be eligible for advancement to the role of Seasonal Public Relations Team Lead Intern (subject to Executive Director’s discretion).


  • Schedule and coordinate social channel takeovers, photo shoots, and other special events internally and with outside influencers
  • Write press releases and articles for events or special happenings
  • Create interview preparation materials
  • Compile contact lists and update databases for news outlets and other contacts
  • Ensure project scheduling requirements are met
  • Reach out to schools and individuals to highlight their stories and achievements
  • Maintain clear communication with team members on status of assigned project(s) through weekly meetings with the team and supervisor
  • Attend quarterly Advisory Steering Committee
  • Additional Duties, if promoted to Seasonal Public Relations Team Lead Intern: Oversee all Seasonal Public Relations Team work and due dates; plan and organize quarterly Marketing + Public Relations Steering Committee Meeting

Learning Objective/Outcomes: 

  • Upon completion of the internship, students will be able to…
    • Identify and implement best practices for public relations in the nonprofit space
    • Develop a successful public relations campaign
    • Produce and write a Press Release
    • Network with others 
    • Execute proper Project Management


  • Access to ClickUp (virtual project management platform), Canva for Teams, and Intern Work Google Shared Drive
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities with public relations professionals
  • Free registration for virtual and in-person events


  • Public Relations: Write at least 3 press releases or articles and identify at least 2 schools or individuals to highlight per month
  • Events: Coordinate at least 6 special events (photo shoot, social channel takeover, etc.)
  • Commitment: Participate in weekly meetings and check-ins (Minimum of 75% attendance)
  • Timeliness and Organization: Track projects and meet all deadlines, or communicate with supervisor before setting new deadlines
  • Brand Integrity: Maintain organization’s brand consistency by using brand voice and designated assets in public-facing communications
  • Engagement: Accumulate points for engaging with organizational social media pages, attending workshops, attending work events, participating in marketing video/photo, filling out survey, and finishing a project/campaign

Mentor & Supervisor Title: 

Who Are We:

Digital4Good (Formerly #ICANHELP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has impacted hundreds of thousands of students and adults nationwide. Our mission is to empower student change makers seeking to make a positive digital impact and promote digital safety and change through powerfully relevant curricula. 

We see students as part of the solution. When something happens on social media, students see it first. The more we can do to train, guide, and support students online, the more likely they are to take positive action. We partner with major companies like Google, Snap Inc., TikTok, Work2BeWell, and Providence Health to further our goals and amplify our impact.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from your internship with us:

  • College credit
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities with experts in tech and other industries
  • Creative control and opportunity to pitch new ideas
  • Hands-on experience through remote work
  • Building up your portfolio
  • Free career-building workshops (level up your resume, LinkedIn profile, and more)

*This position complies with the Fair Labor Standard Act