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Software Engineer in NYC

Don't want to work for a company that just makes rich people richer? Care about mental health and gender equality? You're not alone. We're mission driven because we don't really see how you couldn't be by this point. If this resonates with you, contact us by August 15th.


As a developer, your primary role will be assisting with our newest feature: Coursicle Chat. Coursicle Chat allows students to connect with others in their classes, major, and dorm. We hope to establish Coursicle Chat as the college "academic network", instilling a sense of community in classes that doesn't exist today. It's all too common to find yourself feeling alone in a class, despite being surrounded by dozens or even hundreds of other people. We're confident that reducing that isolation will have a very positive impact on students' mental health. For every class, for every major, there will finally be a place to go when you need help with an assignment, advice on what classes to take, or people to study with.

We don't care about what languages you know or frameworks you have experience in. Our philosophy has always been to hire great people and teach them what they need to know (footnote 1). And although development is the role's focus, since we're a very small team you'll have the opportunity to learn about other aspects of the business as well (software, business, marketing, etc.).



  • 600,000 users
  • Running entirely on revenue
  • Small team (4 full-time, 1 part-time)


  • 1% equity stake (4 year vest)
  • $60,000 - $80,000 salary range (footnote 2)
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • 401(k) with up to 4% cash match


  • Mental health: we've seen first-hand the stigma we hold toward mental illness (read our CEO's essay about his struggle with anxiety and depression). Protecting members of a community from bad actors is critical to its well-being. Unlike every existing platform, Coursicle Chat requires a .edu email to use, which allows us to significantly reduce hate, harassment, and spam (since these bad actors can't create a new account when they get banned).
  • Gender equity: we want equal representation of minorities and gender identities in all managerial and engineering roles. We know it's important we start on this early because it's not easily corrected, and we think it's fitting that we be the ones to do it given Coursicle was founded by someone non-binary and a woman.
  • Wealth disparity: we don't want to make the rich richer, so we don't take investment, we don't optimize for profit, and every employee at Coursicle makes the same salary (footnote 2). We want to show the world that money can't continue to be the end goal anymore and you can be successful without trying to squeeze every cent out of people.


  1. In case you want to see our tech stack anyway, here you go.
  2. Every employee at Coursicle makes the same base salary of $60,000 and company profits are split equally as bonuses. In recent years, these bonuses have been $15,000 - $20,000.