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What kind of work-life balance should I expect as an audit intern for Grant Thornton?

During the busy season, expect to work at least 45+ hours a week. Your workload and weekly hours can vary depending on the number of interns hired by GT, number of clients who need auditing, number of available associates, and amount of available intern-level work. Therefore, you can work anywher...
Internship Auditing Work-Life Balance Grant Thornton
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Are there any mentorship programs at Grant Thornton? How extensive are they?

The mentorship program at GT is extensive. You receive a mentor who is a first or second year associate, and he/she will take you out to lunch and speak with you throughout the summer to discuss your experience and his/her experience. You also receive two mentors who are a senior manager and a pa...
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What skills do you think will help me to be a good tax intern at Grant Thornton?

In order to be successful as a tax intern at GrantThornton you will need to be organized, communicate well, and have an eagerness to learn more about the accounting profession. On the technical side a successful intern should have a good understanding of excel, how to research tax issues, and how...
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How can I guarantee a return offer at GT after my tax internship is over?

I unfortunately didn’t receive a full-time offer due to their lack of business needs in tax. But the experience was very good and ultimately led to me another job. I feel that it’s important to recognize that it’s all about efficiency. Building good habits to promote efficiency and staying org...
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Do you think Grant Thornton is a good place to kickstart my career?

GT is an amazing place to start a career. It is very up-and-coming, especially since they are expanding their consulting services on the west coast and over the country. In Risk Advisory, you are the intersection between consulting and accounting, but it is easy to switch departments or learn abo...
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I want to turn my audit internship at Grant Thornton into a full-time offer. How can I do that?

The best advice I can give for possibly receiving a full-time offer is to show up to work on time everyday, work hard and produce quality work, be personable and keep a positive attitude, ask appropriate questions, and try to make as many connections as possible. The more of a positive presence y...
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What skills are going to help me succeed as an associate or senior associate at Grant Thornton?

Time management and attention to detail were the key traits that I recognized as differentiating factors among Senior Associates. You also have to be a team player and willing to tackle any necessary tasks.
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What qualities should I highlight during my interview to take on a risk advisory services intern role at Grant Thornton?

Discuss relevant courses - you don’t have to be an accounting major (or even in the business school) for this position, but highlight how classes have taught you to think analytically, creatively, and globally. Also, any customer/client facing roles you may have had are very important to discuss,...
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What skills can help me succeed as an audit intern at Grant Thornton ?

I'll address the question in two parts - technical and personal skills. As for technical knowledge or skills, the managers and associates know that you are a clean slate, and they will not expect you to know much. However, I still suggest that you research or read up on the general audit process ...
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If I'm an associate, or even senior associate, can I expect much work-life balance at Grant Thornton?

​During the summer and fall you can expect to have a lot of flexibility in your schedule. During the late winter and spring (busy season) you will have no balance, only work.
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Am I gonna have good work-life balance as a tax intern at Grant Thornton?

As an intern at GrantThornton the work life balance is great. The internship spans 8 weeks, no more than 40 hours per week. The week of July 4th the interns are off all week. Also, there are several events throughout the summer internship that the firm has for interns to get to know each other be...
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How can I turn this consulting internship at Grant Thornton into a full-time offer ?

My tips for turning the internship into a full time offer would be to always try to prepare yourself each day for whatever is the new project you are working on. That may involve doing your own research before going to work so that you show you are interested and well versed on the topic. One of ...
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Does a valuations intern contribute to Grant Thornton's company mission?

Grant Thornton is focused on creating growth and good culture. Valuation Services is a unique area within an accounting firm because it focuses on large funds managed and maintained by associates. This area brings in the majority of money for Advisory and the team itself is very driven to work ha...
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Will I receive support from management as a valuations intern at Grant Thornton ?

In Valuation Services and at GT in general, you get what you ask for. The team itself is small and you’ll become familiar with management but it falls on the intern’s shoulders to make the connections and network around the office. You’re assigned a buddy which is a first or second year associate...
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As a valuations services intern, what compensation will I receive at Grant Thornton?

When I worked as an intern I was compensated $28/hr and expected to work 40 hours a week. Overtime was paid time and a half and there were a few opportunities to work overtime. Overall, you’ll be making more than enough to enjoy your time downtown and working in this group.
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In what way might a tax intern contribute to the mission of Grant Thornton?

The role of a tax intern, in the nutshell, is to help the full-time team with client work. My team was in the middle of busy season when I joined and I was fortunate to have worked on several different entities on an associate level. The team would often include me in discussions to ask for my in...
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As a tax intern at Grant Thornton, will I receive support from management?

I was never turned away when I asked for help. While every team is different, people from my team would come by every now and then to see if I needed help with anything after assigning me to new work, even if I hadn’t asked yet. They’ve gladly answered questions from “What are New York’s apportio...
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Does anyone know what compensation is offered for a tax intern at Grant Thornton?

Solely based on word of mouth among the interns, the hourly wage for a Grant Thornton intern varies depending on the amount of college credits earned. If I recall correctly, the differences were not too drastic and stayed within a $2.00 range. I am unsure if I am able to disclose my exact compens...
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How much work-life balance can I expect to have during this early internship at Grant Thornton?

The hours were typical 9-5, so it is up to you how you spend the rest of your day - there was never work to take home.
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Do campus ambassadors for Grant Thornton have any work-life balance?

Grant Thornton’s internships do not interfere with school. The firm suggests you complete your internship during a time when you are not taking any classes. For audit and tax, most students complete their internship immediately after graduation. With this is mind, the internship won’t interfere w...
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